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anyone used Seiko label printer with filemaker to print 2" labels with barcode

Question asked by bigjohn888jb on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by bigjohn888jb

I created a custom layout the same size as the label. Put the inventory items on it and the preview looks fine. I choose the label printer to print and choose the label that is 1.125" X 2". Print landscape. The layout only is a body, I deleted the header.  When it prints it cuts off the top fields and does not start printing until 3/8" down the label. The rest is oriented the correct way, but it truncates it. It also pushes out almost three labels, while only printing on the first one.

I have searched for troubleshooting label printing and I've checked everything I could find.  Does anyone have any idea if I'm doing something wrong or is this not going to work?