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Report listing child records from just one parent record

Question asked by ericruff on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by ericruff

I feel so dumb asking this.  How do I limit a report to showing the child records from just one parent record?  I attach my sample database from a school holding just two classes, Algebra I and History II .  Each class has several students.  The Class_subject table has 4 fields, a primary key field, the name of the class (Algebra I), the teacher's name, and the name of the textbook being used.  The Students table has just 4 fields as well, the foreign key field, the student's first name, the student's last name, and the student's birthday.

The students appear (and the records are created) in a portal on the layout for the class in which they are enrolled.  The relationship between the two tables allows the Students foreign key field to be automatically created when a new record in the portal is created.  No problem.

Now I want to generate a roll call report listing all the students for a particular class.  I created a report layout and it lists all the students and gathers them by class and shows all the students.  But this is a report for the whole school and both classes are listed. The thing is, I just want to create a report showing the students in one of the classes, say Algebra I.  I go to that record in the Class_subject table and run a script "Select just this record" which creates a found set of just one record, Algebra I.  Yet when I run the Roll Call report script, it show the students from not just Algebra but from the other class, History II, as well.  How can I run a report that limits the results to the child records of just one parent record?  I realize the portal itself could be used to make a report, but for other reasons, I want to do this through a report layout.

What am I missing? The answer seems to be staring me in the face, but I am drawing a blank.