Hide, Show, and Count

Discussion created by isamudysan on Aug 3, 2015
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i have a couple of questions in hopes that answers will steer me into the right direction. 

first inquiry is this:

is there way via scripting or SQL that i can hide previous records and just show the current record? for example, when we open up a FMP file that has data on it, we usually see entered records from the previous date and the dates before that.  what i like to see, then, is when i open the FMP file there would be no showing of previous records, but only a single new record waiting to for me to make the entries.  of course, i do have a Date field so i'm thinking that there might something about hiding previous dates and just show the current date.

second inquiry, and related to this is:

i want to count the total records for the current date, and not previous dates.

much appreciate it, and thank you very much