Is Everything Slower in version 14?

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Aug 4, 2015
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I thought this was important enough to continue this discussion in a new thread. It concerns what I see happening when I open a solution built in FileMaker Advanced 13 and develop it further in version 14. It appears than any additions or modifications to the solution execute at less than half speed.




Here's the example I used in the earlier thread:


SelectDate.g is a global Date field, used to set the starting point for a number of calc fields and relationships used to filter records in various portals. In addition to a calendar popup to set the date, this solution has a number of buttons to increment the value of the existing date, which makes it easier for the user to make small changes to dates far in the past or future.


The formulas for the buttons to set the starting date to the next month, previous month, next week, and previous week work instantaneously (the date changes as soon as the user clicks a button). This morning I added two more buttons to increment the starting date to the previous day or the next day -- but it seems to take forever for the date to change -- longer than 2 seconds -- which is enough time for users to think it isn't working and click on the button again, one or more times (making the operation take longer and end up on the wrong date).


I am at a loss as to why a formula like this


     Set Field [SelectDate.g; SelectDate.g +1]


should take so much longer to calculate than one like this


     Set Field [SelectDate.g; SelectDate.g +7]


or even longer formulas, like this


     Case (  IsEmpty ( SelectDate.g ) or Day (SelectDate.g ) ≠ 1;Date (Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ;  "1" ; Year (Get ( CurrentDate )) ); Month ( SelectDate.g ) = 12;Date ( "1" ; "1" ; Year (SelectDate.g ) + 1); Date (Month (SelectDate.g ) + 1 ; "1" ; Year (SelectDate.g) ) )



Pop Quiz: What's the difference between the formulas above?

Answer: The first one was created in FMA 14. The other two were created in FMA 13 and opened in version 14. If I create a new version of the second or third formulas in FMA 14 it takes even longer to get a result than the first one. Worse, the slowest way to change the date of all is to select it from the calendar popup. The calendar just sits there (or it goes away and its outline remains for a while) taking several seconds to change the date. It's faster in every case to select the date value and manually type in the month, date, and year.



I investigated further with this solution and found that the fields with drop down calendars that I placed on layouts using version 13 appear pretty much instantaneously. When I click on a date, the drop down calendar disappears immediately and the date value appears in the field simultaneously. If I add a drop down calendar to any new field that I placed on a layout with version 14, it takes the drop down calendar a few seconds to appear and even longer for the date value to be entered into the field (long enough to make the user think that it might not be working).


Until this issue is remedied, it's going to be a big incentive not to upgrade existing solutions to version 14 or later.