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Best way to access a FM file from the otherside of the world

Question asked by MartinBridges on Aug 5, 2015
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We are based in the UK and have an extensive FM 13 data separated database based on around 80 tables. We would like most of the data file available (on a read only basis) to our partner in Hong Kong.


[1] If we just set up a new user interface (in HK) with table occurrences to the datafile (in GB). It works fine save for the time lag. Going though to a layout based on a new table delays things 30+ seconds and as they are constantly going between layouts/tables the delay is unacceptable.


[2] I wonder about setting up an export/import script.

Give them a copy of the current database.

Set up a script that runs, say on the hour, to go through every table (in the UK) find the newly created records and the newly modified records and export those to the server in HK. Then in the HK database run a script on the half hour that imports those records over-writing existing records based on UID and creating new records for those that are left.


[3] The following has also been suggested.

Give them their own single file interface. In there set up all the fields (apart from UID) as look ups. Based on a T/O to the datafile.

Loop through all tables in the UK datafile, collecting just UIDs of new and modified records. Parse to the HK file and unpack. Refresh the records with found UIDs


[4] Any other suggestions/experiences gratefully received