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Upgrading from FM11 - table view issue

Question asked by glorifindal on Aug 5, 2015

Hi there,


I have just taken the plunge and started to upgrade a rather large solution to the FM12

I have a host of Table views with which I have added fields (through the Modify button, not actually added them to the layout) ... NONE of the virtual fields appear after I upgraded.

And when I add them, the text colour of the said field is WHITE - and the only way to change it to black is to physically place the field on the layout.


BUT - this negates the "Virtual" presence of the field on the table view - as getting the fields on the layout using FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ) ; Get ( LayoutName ) ) ONLY returns those fields that are ACTUALLY on the layout - not the virtual fields...


Question: IS this expected behavior?

Question: Is there a way of ensuring that the virtual field has the correct font colour WITHOUT the need for me to actually add them to the List view?


Kindest thanks in advance