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    (another) Great Custom Function from Agnes Barouh


      Agnes has posted another great cf here FileMaker Custom Functions | Displaying Function LastButtonClic and here FileMaker Custom Function:LastButtonClic ( Self_NameObjectBar ; Button_BarButton )


      This is brilliant for using button bars as navigation, and many other occasions. I am using this to get the name in the button as specified in the button bar set dialog not the inspector with the simple calc


      GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( $$lastButtonClic ; "content")


      This lets me create button bars with many spare buttons, which are set to hide if isEmpty(self), and when/if I need them I just add the name - could be by calculation - and I can very quickly add new options.


      Life would be so much more difficult with the contributions Agnes has made - CustomList has been an essential member of my 'standard' custom functions since 2008.


      Thanks you Agnes