WindowName using Move/Resize Function Challenge

Discussion created by sumaschu on Aug 5, 2015
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Hi all,


Have a question regarding the use of the Move/Resize Windo function when it comes to the WindowName.  Here's the situation:


Using scripts to produce a series of related reports and print them.  At a certain point, since Show Custom Dialog doesn't allow for dropdown menus, am using a small sized layout to emulate a Custom Dialog.  So far, so good.  Am aware that when one brings in a New Window, it resizes the previous layout since I am using a Windows based PC.  Have seen many resourceful folks talk about using the Move/Resize function to alter the way the screen looks, which I appreciate.  However, can't seem to find anything addressing how to select the proper Window to resize.  So, how does one get the proper name of the Layout that has been resized?


For example, let's say we have a FMPa v13 file called "Sample_FMP_DB.fmp12".  Let's further assume the original Layout is called "Master Layout" and the new dialog-ish Layout is called "Small Layout".  The script starts when a button is clicked on the "Master Layout" screen, and invokes the New Window function bringing up the "Small Layout".  This of course resizes the "Master Layout" screen.  When using the Move/Resize Window function, what do I put in for the Window Name to bring back the full sized "Master Layout" screen?


Move-Resize Window Image.jpg

From our example names from the previous paragraph, have tried "Sample_FMP_DB.fmp12", "Master Layout", and as you can see "Get (WindowName)" to no avail. 

As you can see from the above screen print, the "Master Layout" (ie. Maintenance Layout) has shrunk to less than maximum.  What am I doing wrong?  This is driving me nuts.  Would appreciate any helpful direction!



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