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One button to select from multiple scripts in FM12?

Question asked by shanebeeps on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by erolst

I'm currently using FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced, and would like to have a Gmail-like checkbox button at the top of list views, which would allow my users to more easily do things like "show selected records," "select all shown records," or "clear selected records". These functions currently are launched by three separate buttons that launch three separate scripts, but it would be ideal to combine them into a single button that could perform multiple scripts.


Is this possible? If I were on FM13 or 14, I believe I could use a pop-up menu or something like that.


I could probably do this with the aid of a pop-up dialogue box, but that wouldn't be as clean and as easy to use as I would like. I would rather the users could simply click off of the button's pop-up menu and have nothing happen at all, rather than have to locate the pop-up dialogue box and hit cancel if they wished to do nothing due to an accidental click.


Thanks in advance.