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Add LF (line feed) character to exported text file

Question asked by on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by rrrichie

I'm creating a text string to prepare a formatted text file and upload it to an FTP site.  My issue is that the receiver wants to see a LF (line feed) character after each carriage return.  I have added the carriage returns, but they want the carriage return AND a line feed at the end of each line.  Does anyone know how to do that within FileMaker? 


I saw an earlier post about using Base64 function to remove line feeds in text.  has anyone used this or any other technique to ADD line feeds to text?Filemaker in its Base64 function adds a line feed (LF) each 76 position. How to remove LF?


I would appreciate an email response as well as a post to this question here.

Linda Carter, Compu-Books