WebDirect 14 issue with drop-down list and auto-complete using value list set

Discussion created by mbeck65 on Aug 7, 2015
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Hello everybody,

here below the description of an error that appears on my FM environment... I hope that someone else had the same issue and can help me to understand if there is a bug on WebDirect or something is wrong in my solution...

Pay attention: the same solution worked as good as well until the FM upgrade from 13 to 14.

Thanks a lot for suggestions and ideas



Summary: Drop-down list - Auto-complete using value list - FM 14

Product: FileMaker WebDirect

Version: 14

Version of the operating system:

Both on Windows 7 and MAC/OS

Problem description:

The autocomplete of a field using a list of values doesn't work via WebDirect (it works as good as well by using FM Pro Adv.).

In addition, if you partially fill the field and then open the drop-down all the values of the list are shown instead only the values filtered by the character inserted until this moment (I hope my description it's clear enough...)


Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Define a text field in a database

2. Open a layout and place the field

3. Define the field as a drop-down list and create a list of predefined values

4. Set the auto-complete using value list by assigning the list created before

5. Test your application with FM Pro (Pro or Advance) and verify that the autocompletion works as good as expected

6. Deploy the application on FM Server

7. Open the application again (this time on FM Server) with FM Pro (Pro or Advance) and verify that, also in this case, the autocompletion works as good as expected

8. Open the application on FM Server via WebDirect and verify that the behavior is different: as you enter characters the field is not autocompleted and the list in the drop-down list is not updated correctly


Expected Result:

When you open the application on FM Server via WebDirect, the field should be autocompleted as you enter characters, and the drop-down list should be updated by filtering only the list of items that meet the characters until then inserted


Configuration Information:

Filemaker Pro 14 Advancend for development and testing.

FileMaker Server 14 for deployment into production.

WebDirect (via Chrome and Firefox) for use by users.