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FileMaker Table to MySQL via ESS

Question asked by MattLeach on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by john_wolff

So for the first time 'm delving into the world of ESS and have hit a logical road block.


I've read the FileMaker ESS Guides which have aided me in setting up an External SQL Source which I now have in my relationship graph. What I'm at a loss at is how to take data from a FileMaker table and place it into the ESS.


We have a FileMaker table that contains customer information. We need to export customers who are on a paid subscription to the MySQL table. My through was to setup a server side script that will run every 30 or 60 minutes that will update the MySQL table with updated information. Some clients may drop off, some may be added, however I do not see how to script this through either an import or an export.


I thought about exporting the data to csv file, then import into the ESS table but that kind of defeats the purpose of having the ESS.


What would be the best approach to accomplish this goal?


Not sure if it makes a difference but currently running FMS13 on Win Server 2008 (upgrade to FMS14 coming)