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How to Find Exact Field Contents?

Question asked by DEC on Aug 8, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2015 by DEC

Hi Everybody!


I have a database where in the Project Title field is often comprised of serialized data.  E.g.:  "Project 1," Project 2" and so forth.


If the user conducts a search for "Project 1,' the database returns anything that includes the value "1".


I need to fix it such that if the Project Title field isn't empty, then the database will return only the record(s) for which the Project Title field exactly matches the user-entered data for that field.


For example, if the user searches for "Project 1," then the found set shouldn't include "Project 10" or "Project 100."


Is there any way to do this?  Assuming so, is there any way to ensure that if the search criteria leaves the Project Title field blank that the found set won't search only among records that are blank in that field?


Many thanks!