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Payment to Multiple Invoices

Question asked by steveoh on Aug 10, 2015
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So I'm working on an old database and trying to add new functionality to it.  Something I Would like to do is to establish a method of applying a single payment to multiple invoices.

It's probably the essential many to many scenario that has a lot of new developers scratching their heads.  This is what I have so far:

[Payment] - - - - [Customer] - - - - [Invoices]

I figured having an intermediary table would assist with the dealing with the many to many.  I am having issues, however, applying payments from "Payment" to "Invoices".    I can't seem to copy text the script itself and the file, as stated, is a currently used database so some of the information is live.  I've rewritten this so if theres errors it's likely they're of a transposing nature.  I left out a few debugging dialog boxes I added for my purpose and things of that nature.

The problem lies somewhere in this area of code.  I can't get it to store any values, I've used custom dialog boxes that tell me the running balance of each variable and so I know those aren't the issue.


Set Variable[$Payment; Value:Payments::Principal Owed + Payments::Extra] //Set these separately for another reason we won't go into

Set Variable[$PaymentBalance; Value: "0"]  //Initiating Variable for later use

Set Variable[$BalanceOwed; Value:Invoices::BalanceOwed]


If[$Invoices > 0]  //test if there's still money owed with invoices

              If[$Payment > $BalanceOwed]

                    Go to Related Record [(from invoices using layout _)] //Left out names as they didn't seem relevant


                        Set Variable[$PaymentBalance; Value:$payment - Invoices::BalancePaid]

                        Set Field [Invoices::totalPaid; $Payment - $BalanceOwed

                        Set Variable[$Payment; Value:$PaymentBalance]

                        Set Variable[$BalanceOwed; Value:Invoices::BalanceOwed]

                        Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] //Move to next invoice is the intention here

                        Exit Loop If [ $Payment = 0 ]

                        Exit Loop If [ Sum ( Invoices::BalancePaid ) = 0 ]

                    End Loop

              Else If [$Payment < $BalanceOwed]

                    Go to Related Record [(from invoices using layout _)] //Left out names as they didn't seem relevant

                    Set Field [Invoices::totalPaid; Value:Invoices::BalanceOwed - $payment]

              End If

          Else If [$BalanceOwed = 0]

//Not the problem area//

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated