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Highlight portal row in File 1 if second field in File 1 matches records in File 2?

Question asked by wendy on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by ckbrown

I've come close, but... Trying to highlight a portal row in File 1 only when a field in the current record in File 1 (call it Job) matches the data in a field in a record in File 2 (Call it Text).


The Job file has a Text portal. The only records that display from Text are those for which the first word in the Job_Name field matches the first word in Text_Name records via a relationship:

Job Name

ABC Blahblah


so the portal shows matching records from Text:

ABC Record1

ABC Record 3

ABC Record 4


but not CDE Record 2 in Text.


This works fine. However, this relationship can result in a listing of zero to over a dozen records in the portal.  Users often do need to see that whole list. But it would be very helpful if I could highlight a couple records for which another field, "J_Dimensions" in Job, exactly matches the "T_Dimensions" field in Text.


ABC Record1 Text

ABC Record 3 Text  (Highlighted because Dimensions fields in Job and Text match)

ABC Record 4 Text


I've played around with conditional formatting (which didn't get me too far), and with a second relationship between the two files based on the Dimensions field, and a gColorFlags field (repetitive field with various colors), and the use of a "Flag Display" field with a calculation and the calculation result as Container. (If JobsDImensions = TextDimensions, GetRepetition(gColorFlags; 7)...


I know just about anything except world peace is possible via Filemaker, and I thought I could figure it out, but I keep getting tangled up--especially over which fields go where--and I'm going in circles. Help?