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Anyone have any experience using the Base Elements free plugin BE_SMTP functions?

Question asked by dougalder on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by nickorr

Base Elements free plugin is great. I have used it before to move files around on the desktop. Just started to work with their new SMTP mail functions.


Their Wiki ( doesn’t list the new functions yet.


I am able to get a basic email sending, but I am having 2 issues:


1) the body text is ignoring carriage returns — I have tried standard FileMaker carriage return symbol, <br>, code(10), code(13). What am I missing?



2) difficulties attaching a file — Get(TemporaryPath)&"2015-08-11-filename.pdf” stops the email from going out.

I have the following set up:

Set Variable $FileName to a calculated file name such as "2015-08-10-filename.pdf"

Set Variable $FullPath to get(temporarypath)&$FileName

Set Variable $MailServer to



BE_SMTP_Send ( Mass Emailer Master::From Email Address ; Settings Master::gAdmin~EmailAddress ; $Subject ; $Body ; ""; ""; ""; "”;  $FullPath)





//BE_SMTP_Send ( from ; to ; subject ; text { ; cc ; bcc ; replyTo ; html ; attachments } )



Adding the path to the BE_SMTP_Send function kills the message sending. Presumably the formatting is not correct somehow.



How does one reference a file attachment AND have the mail message send?


Any ideas would be appreciated.