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    Format a phone number as (xxx)-xxx-xxxx in FM14?


      With FM14, how do I format a phone number as (xxx)-xxx-xxxx? I have tried with Field filters, as described in 2010, but cannot find the "option to allow entry into field in the Field Format dialog".

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          I'm not sure what source you are referring to with "described in 2010", or what field entry has to do with formatting, but if you want to format a phone number, the basic process is to …


          Use a text field for the phone number, check the Auto-enter option "Calculated value" with the option "Do not replace …" unchecked, and use a calculation like this one:

          Let (

            f = Filter ( Self ; "0123456789" ) ;

              "(" &

              Left ( f ; 3 ) &

              ")-" &

              Middle ( f ; 4 ; 3 ) &

              "-" &

              Right ( f ; 4 )


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            I apologize for not providing more detail. In response to your comment --FileMaker Knowledge base Answer ID:3516 was my reference, which suggested that ..."any report layouts that use the phone number field should actually use the PhoneNumberFilter Field", and that was applicable to versions up to 11.x. I am a newbie, and was unable to identify a workable and understandable solution with the current version.

            Regardless of the lack of clarity, you have provided a solution that works, and your instructions were clear enough for me to understand how to apply the calculation. Thank you for taking the time to answer, and for providing an effective solution to the problem.