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repetition by window name

Question asked by Extensitech on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by user19752

This one's a bit difficult to explain.


For various and sundry reasons, we use a number in the window name to fetch a repetition from a global. We use this, for instance, to update and retrieve help text that can follow a user through a process in one window, while not affecting the help text following another process in another window.

Please note: I know of many other ways to accomplish the ultimate goal, and I'm sure this group could come up with more, but that is not what I'm asking for. I need to figure out whether and how this particular method is broken.


It appears that there's some sort of behavior change between 13 and 14. Download both attachments, and open the interface file. (I'll wait. ).


If you open this in 13, and look at the text and image on the left, it works. At worst, it requires a refresh, which I could deal with.


If you open this in 14, and look at the same, it does not appear to work, and I can't figure out why. The only way I can find to get this to update is to go into layout, then back into browse (not practical).


Note that I'm getting the window number appropriately. Also note that if I use a set number (the entry field, on the right) I can use that. I just can't seem to use the number I got from the window title as a repetition parameter. I honestly don't recall ever seeing an instance in FM where I could calculate a value, but not nest it into a function.


Am I missing something? Is this a known behavior change? Is this a bug that I should report?

And of course, is there some change I could make that would allow the repetition to properly update based on the window name?


Chris Cain