Using Base64Encode/Decode with Set Field

Discussion created by TimAnderson on Aug 11, 2015
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I have a scenario where the users will select a file to upload, see a thumbnail of it and then confirm to upload. I am using Insert File (reference only) to a global container field. Using Set Field to the target container field (external storage) does't work ( not talking about a single user local file here), Insert File is a little better but does not give me a thumbnail/preview.

So I tried setting a variable to Base64Encode( globalContainer) and then Set Field [targetContainer ; Base64Decode( variable ; filename)]


This works great, but wonder how much overhead this is adding to the process, and if there is anything I need to be careful of? On tests of 10Mb pdfs there seems to be no noticeable difference in transfer time comparing Insert file to the base64 method.


I welcome your thoughts