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Damaged FileMaker 11 file (fp7) converted to FileMaker 14 (fmp12)

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by gdurniak
  • File belonging to a good customer.
  • FileMaker Pro 11 running of Server 11.
  • Large file with 2-3 GB of pure text/number data.
  • Is running on the Server 11.
  • Before converting to FileMaker 14 we wanted to check the file and ran a recover.
  • The file is damaged and it is recommended that we get data out of it and do not use it.
  • The file is converted to FileMaker 14 without any problems.
  • A recover of the new FileMaker 14 file does not give any problems. The file should be OK.


Now what I would like to discus is: Should the customer use this file or should they trash it and build a new one.


My principal answer would actually be: Rebuild.


But the file was running OK on the FileMaker 11 server and it is converting OK and causing no problems when checked via the recover function and no problems on the server.


It will be a month's work to rebuild ... and my customer would love it if I let them start using the FileMaker 14 files.


In the past with FileMaker 6 we had some damaged files. We converted them to FileMaker fp7 and they have worked forever since then.

We have not had any corrupted fp7 files at our own or at customer sites where we are responsible.


Discussion: What would you do and what are your arguments?


The Dialog from FileMaker Pro 11



The errors from the recovery log in FileMaker Pro 11