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WebDirect Popover Bug?

Question asked by tm9 on Aug 12, 2015
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I am not sure if this is a bug or if I am not setting up the popover correctly.


I want to have a popover that has no fill and no border. I don't want the triangle that bridges the space between the button and the popover to show either. This is working great for me in FileMaker 14 Advanced on Windows.


However, WebDirect is another story. All of the popovers I create like this are showing a gray triangle. I don't think any of the original popover settings were set to gray.


See examples below. Note that the "TEST" text is located in the hidden popover. The box on the left is the outline of the button.

FileMaker Pro Advanced - Works great! - No fill, triangle, or border.


WebDirect - The same popover button above shows a grey triangle.

No Fill Popover.JPG

I have even tried setting the button fills and lines to no on each of the different state (Normal, Hover, etc.)