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Can't Insert File Into Container Field from DropBox?

Question asked by DEC on Aug 13, 2015
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Hi Everybody,


Running FMPA Windows on an HP laptop running Windows 7; accessing a remote database from this computer, and having the strangest issue.


I scripted the notion of attaching a document into a particular container field.  But when I point to the DropBox folder on my desktop to begin snorkeling through its subfolders to select the corresponding file, FMP starts to insert "Dropbox.exe" into the container field!


It looks as if FMP is recognizing the DropBox folder as a file, and is attempting to insert the entire DropBox folder into the container field.  Being over 5 gigs in size, the function freezes.


Note that this doesn't happen when executing the same function from an Apple Computer running FMPA 14 or 13.  It works just fine.


Hoping you can help; many thanks in advance!