Server Side Scripting

Discussion created by Jason_Farnsworth on Aug 13, 2015
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Server side scripting is a bit of an emigma too me at the moment and I am hoping for a bit of clarity with this discussion.


At the moment the ultimate task that I am attempting to perform is sending emails of reports (pdfs) created and dumped on the server (via a client script) from the server as that is all I can get IT to give me.

So the details

I have a script that I run to create the report (pdf) and I save it to the Server disk space.


I have to send the email from the server as IT is blocking the port from my PC as such it has to go via SMTP. (The server is sending emails just fine)

In the process I thought I would pass the details of where to find the file as well what it was named via variables $$ ha then I re-vistited Greg's Devcon presentation and noticed I lose the use of variable in the pass to server.

How are details as such typically handed in this type of script call?

I have a copy of Filemaker Pro installed on the server is it possible to somehow trigger that copy to do what I need?