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Favorite Hosts in Launch Center Window are now all missing!

Question asked by gcKoenig on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2015 by gcKoenig

This morning, I was working on a local database (on my own hard drive) when FileMaker 14 crashed.  I relaunched it and kept working for awhile.  But later on, when I tried to open a remote host (File --> Open Remote ... ), all the host icons are gone.  The 'My Solutions" option shows files on my own hard drive, but the "Hosts" option panel is blank.  FileMaker 13 and 12 host lists are are also now completely blank.  I can't get to any of my customer's databases over the internet now, (except in the 'Recent' list, where 2 happen to still be listed).


I tried to backup my library files and the FileMaker Application folder itself, using Time Machine, from when it was backed up yesterday, but that was no use.  They're all still gone.  Honestly, I haven't been mucking around in any system files, nor have I hit the delete key at any inappropriate time.  What do I do now?  Has anyone experienced this recently?  Is this a known bug?  Help!