Slow debugger on 14 with windows

Discussion created by Extensitech on Aug 13, 2015
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First and foremost, let me start with the assumption that this is just me.


I'm on Windows 7, 64-bit, FMPA14.


I'm finding that the debugger runs soooo slowly that whenever possible, I'm still debugging in 13. It's sometimes taking upwards of 10 seconds just step from one line to the next. When I run to break, I'm seeing a (slow) redraw of every page up to the break, which I would assume is what "run to break" is intended to skip.


Some times are worse than other times, which has me trying to find a pattern in the environment, such as ram usage, network,etc., but so far I'm having trouble seeing a pattern, so I'm wondering what others Win users are experiencing. Better yet, if someone has experienced this and then found a setting, or some root cause, that allowed them to fix it. (I have my RAM setting as high as it'll go, and my laptop is maxed out on ram, so I think I've covered that, at least.)


(As a quick aside, please don't tell me "just get a mac". It's not any more polite or useful than when I was a mac user and people said "just get a pc".)


Chris Cain