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    File:Sharing:Upload to FileMaker Server... ERROR Connection Failed



      Using the Upload to FileMaker Server command, selecting the server, typing my Admin Console credentials and clicking Next invokes a "Connection failed" error. What tiny setting is the server admin (IT guy) missing?



      (a) Launch Center: In the Launch Center, the FileMaker Server host name is entered as a Favorite Host. Selecting the host correctly displays the hosted FMServer_Sample database on the server and it can be opened successfully. No authentication was required so FileMaker must have used my Windows 7 login credentials to authenticate to the FileMaker Server.

      (b) Admin Console: using Chrome I can successfully log into the Admin Console and open, close, remove the FMServer_Sample database.


      (c) Upload to FileMaker Server dialog box: Insecure connection is displayed next to the Host Address and the title bar displays an icon, padlock with exclamation mark, which indicates the connection is encrypted without the verification from a third-party certificate. The SSL certificate for FileMaker Server cannot be verified. The help page is below.



      Technical Specifications:

      - FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 (64 bit)

      - Windows 7 (64 bit) domain managed computer

      - FileMaker Server 14 running on virtualised Windows 2012 Server


      Appreciate any suggestions to troubleshoot the connection failure when attempting to upload a database to the server.



      Michael Richards

      Brisbane (Australia)