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    New categories and pinned discussions/threads needed for gathering feature wishes


      As much as I love to read threads like "New features for version x" and post in these kinds of threads rather often, I think they are of no great help for anybody:


      • The longer these threads get, the more they get unreadable
      • there is a growing tendency to off-topic discussions
      • Different kinds of ideas get completely mixed up
      • It´s hard to find out, whether an idea is well accepted or not
      • the same idea or equal ideas get posted and posted again
      • I doubt that FMI can learn too much out of these threads
      • in the end even the best ideas get somehow lost


      Therefor I suggest to add a new main category "feature wishes" in this forum which is split in subcategories like "New Script steps", "New Functions", "Additions to layout mode", "Additions to Webdirect" etc. - you get the idea.


      There should be an option to vote for a feature wish easily, so that everybody can see if a feature wish is getting on the Top 10 or not.


      Important threads should be pinnable to the top at least for administrators.


      Anybody else having the same opinion ?