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    ExecuteSQL Reserved Word "Table" in FM 14 different than 13


      When using ExecuteSQL, there are Reserved words and non-standard characters which make us often have to put double quotes around field and table names in our SQL.  I have a table that has a field named "Table", which is appropriate because it has records tracking batch file operations of various tables in the solution.  However, "Table" is a reserved word.  In FileMaker 13, I had a SQL that included "WHERE \"Table\" = ?" in it.  This worked in 13.  When I upgraded to 14, I found out that this no longer worked and resulted in a "?" for the SQL.  To test the problem, I created a calculation field called "Tbl" that was equal to the field "Table" and tried the SQL using "WHERE Tbl = ?" and it works.  So apparently, just quoting the reserved word "Table" as a field in 14 does not work like it did in 13 and you have to be more careful about having a field with that name.  As a result, I had to go through and change a number of ExecuteSQL calculations in FM 14. 


      FileMaker, Inc. maintains a list of reserved words to avoid as field and table names.  For reference, they are at:  Reserved words in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker