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    Quickbooks, 123Sync and FileMaker


      I have various clients that use Quickbooks.  There are plenty of things to bash about Quickbooks and Intuit, but it is really an industry standard for small businesses. 


      I have a client that we upgraded to FMS 14.  They have been using 123Sync to connect to Quickbooks and move invoices from FM into QBs, etc.  They had been using it with FMP 13 and FMS 14, but it stopped working recently.  We checked with Laura at 123Sync and confirmed it is only designed to work with FMP12 and were surprised we even had it working on FMP13.  She said it is now a Productive Computing plugin and they are working on making it FM 14 compatible.  But for now, we have to make do with FMP 12. 


      I guess I should have read the fine print on things.  But we found out the hard way that FMP12.0v4 cannot connect to FMS 14 files unless SSL encryption is turned off and the files are not Encrypted at Rest.  So we had to turn off both of those security features for now unfortunately. 


      The client is now looking at fmQBO from Geist Interactive and doing Quickbooks Online.  They would probably stay with 123Sync, but not sure how long the wait will be before a new plugin version comes out that works with 14 and business goes on and they can't wait to do invoices, etc.  I've done one fmQBO solution and may be trying a second one for this client.  Advantages of Quickbooks Online is it is in the cloud and doesn't require a Windows machine (this client is all Mac except for this one accounting computer).  Being in the cloud makes it easier for them to access from other locations.  And with fmQBO, multiple staff can be importing data to Quickbooks or seeing information from Quickbooks at the same time.  Also, it seems Intuit has a roadmap focused more on their cloud solutions than PC installed software and going this route may be the better future direction.  It would be nice to have the new 123Sync plugin out to compare and maybe see new features in it before jumping to fmQBO.  We just might not have the time though. 

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          Something to be aware of: an "upgrade" to the "new, improved" 123Sync (e.g. compatible with FMP14) means being forced into a $600/year subscription… even though your product may have been paid for and require no new feature extensions. It does not appear to be improved either, from what I can tell.


          I have a client for whom I have developed a solution that included 123Sync several years ago. It was a hassle getting going initially, as 123Sync has a "black box" file, and was buggy at the start; this meant that I was reliant on Laura (the 123Sync developer) to fix the bugs. But, we got through that. It has been working without issue since then.


          Flash forward to now. Client needed to upgrade their whole network, and did so, moving from XP to Windows 7 and FMP10 to FMP14. There were a few little hiccups in that upgrade, but the biggest bummer by far was that the old plugin for 123Sync is not compatible with FMP13+. So, Laura has apparently revised the old 123Sync solution to work with Productive Computing's QuickBooks plugin. That part is fine… except that it doesn't work, yet! Fully half of the features we tried returned errors.


          I just got an email saying they have fixed these bugs; perhaps so. What has my client really upset is that they were forced on a paid-for product to enter into a subscription arrangement for future support they do not want and should not need… or else give up on using that paid-for product. I tried to get them (Laura and the Productive Computing folks) to change their arrangement for legacy customers, to little avail.


          I will be checking out Todd Geist's solution.

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            We have been using sync 123 for many years and are very happy with until 13. We were surprised by the 600 per year fee.

            You can also purchase fm books connector from productive computing. It does not have an annual fee and comes with a sample file, but is not ready to use like sync 123. I think that is how we will go.



            FM Books Connector - Connecting FileMaker Pro to QuickBooks

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              Todd Geist

              Thanks for mentioning fmQBO, Taylor


              Here is a link to it, in case any future readers are interested.

              geist interactive | FileMaker QuickBooks Online Connector



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                sonata wrote:


                I will be checking out Todd Geist's solution.


                Geist Interactive's solution is still very new and has one or two quirks, but they have been very helpful in solving understanding things.  For example, when you get information from the API, you have to check if your returned records found set is more than the 100 count and if it is, you have to loop requests 100 at a time.  It works, but just remember to do looping requests of 100 records at a time if you're wanting to pull down a complete table.


                Intuit is clearly going towards the Online Solutions, but the Intuit API is still being developed and fmQBO is dependent on it.  So I have run into things that fmQBO could not do because Intuit has not included that part in the API or it is in beta.  Todd Geist and his team even had some work arounds and say they will support all the API features as Intuit makes it available.  Pretty much all of the tables I have needed are currently available EXCEPT the Deposits table.  Granted a lot of that can be seen in the Payments table, Invoices, etc.  And I have no idea why Intuit has not supported this one table in the API yet, but it is a bit of a frustration for which you can't really blame Geist Interactive.  It is completely an Intuit failure.  But it is something so obviously needed that I sure hope they will fix that soon.


                All in all I'm pretty happy with fmQBO and really see it focusing on the future of where Intuit is going and probably lots of their customers.

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                  Todd Geist

                  Taylor is right you do have to deal with what is called "paging" or "pagenation" with fmQBO. You can set the limit as high as 1000 though not 100.  This is pretty common feature of most APIs and QuickBooks Online API is no exception.


                  You can work with Deposits today, although according to Intuit it is "beta".  We don't have support for our generators built in yet for deposits, but that doesn't stop you from using them.  Anything that is available in the QuickBooks Online API  is available through fmQBO. I'll see about getting an example put up soon that shows how to work with deposits.



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                    Hi All

                    I am looking for a product to link to an accounting system, and i prefer it to be cloud based, so just recently found QB online which so far seems to do the trick.


                    All of our operational data is stored in FM and i want to link this to the QB


                    Typical worklflow is Customer comes into the store and buys a product (we sell boats / Motors and Trailers) and we take a depoist


                    so Check the accounting system to see if the customer is in the Database, if not then add (or Update)

                    Post a deposit.


                    There will be lost of other transaction when i get the first couple working.


                    I have down loaded the Productive Computing plugin and so far seem to work, but it appears that only one person at a time can be connected to QB and each time they need to login - have i missed something -  i would have expected to embed the keys in the app somewhere and my app would just login to the QB Online.


                    does fmQBO work the same way, I do not really want to give the sales people access to the accounting system, i would rather that the FM app takes the data and sends it behind the scenes to QB without any interaction from the sales people.


                    best regards



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                      Todd Geist

                      Hi Jeremy,


                      With fmQBO, you only have to authorize your connection to QuickBooks online once.  After that, fmQBO can connect to QuickBooks without anyone having to Authorize it. 


                      You can try it out really easily.  Download the trial and connect it to your quickbooks account. You'll be syncing in just a few minutes


                      fmQBO - FileMaker QuickBooks Online


                      Please contact us at support@geistinteractive.com





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                        Hi Todd


                        Many thanks


                        I got the follow error message when trying to connect


                        It appears to be suggesting that the cause is my location which is Australia.