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    Server 14 WebDirect Refresh?


      Hi, All

      I just upgraded our FileMaker Server 13 to 14. And i would like to test the WebDirect. Then i got this problem, the website is keep refreshing with the small circle in the middle, and the gray background. It happens quite often.

      Is that because we miss some settings? or known issue? (and how to work around it or "fix" it?)




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          did you test webdirect in 13? how did it behave there? There was a similar thread earlier this morning. You have to develop specifically for webdirect, "heavy" solutions with lots of trigger actions and timer scripts have been known to cause refreshes.

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            I tried FileMaker Sample file which is comes from FileMaker has the issue as well.

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              does your server meet the minimum specs required to run webdirect?

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                that's good question.

                I will find out what we have.



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                  FileMaker Server 14 installed on a virtual machine hosted somewhere.

                  Specs from virtual machine display to me is : Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. Service Pack 1.

                  Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 0 @ 2.50GHz 2.20 GHz, Ram: 4.0 GB, 64-bit, 66 GB free hard drive space.


                  note: the internet speed i tested is about 5MB download, 1.5MB upload. from speedtest.net


                  from my side the internet speed is also low. 3M downlaod less than 1M upload (don't ask why i have so slow internet, not for testing purpose ,i can tell you that.)


                  Would the internet speed cause the refresh issue?

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                    installed on a virtual machine hosted somewhere

                    FileMaker will work with VM's but for reference you must always test with a dedicated server with what I would suggest should be better than the FileMaker minimum requirement.


                    When you have tested with the dedicated server you should tell the VM people to make sure that their setup perform as required. It is not your job to prove anything when you have proved that your solution is working correct on a dedicated server.


                    The VM people will usually explain about there terrific setup with so and so phantastic hardware that is outperforming dedicated servers etc. etc. And they will supply you with statistics about the VM you are using, telling you that it is so and so good.

                    But it is a job for a real specialist to set up a VM environment, and behind the ever so neat numbers a lot of bottlenecks is hiding. The proof that the VM is correctly setup is when it is performing like a dedicated server.


                    And then the network: At your end, the web client/browser, 2 MB each way (up/down) should probably be OK for some testing, but it is still very low. On the server side the 5/1,5 sound like a disaster!


                    The FileMaker demo file should still work. Even under relatively bad server and network conditions. But your server setup does sound problematic ... this setup with the network performance you describe should probably not be used for anything. Even a simple webserver will have problems with 1.5 MB upload.


                    Best regards


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                      Hi Petery009


                      We exprienced similar problems right after converting FMS12 - IWP application to FM14 WebDirect.


                      1.     Your 4 GB RAM is far from enough, the recommended minimum is 16GB.

                      2.     Be sure that you did not allocate more than 50% of your 4 GB to the database.

                      3.     be sure that all IWP layouts and layout objects are converted to Webdirect layouts and styles.

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                        OK, now i sort of see it. The problem is the requirement of FMS 14 to run webdirect that i don't match.

                        I installed FMS 14 on my laptop (Windows 7 Home, 64 bit, i5-2430M, 2.40GHz, 4GB). My home connection is about 25M Download, and 5M upload. Again i tried to connect it from another place where the internet is 3 down 1 up.

                        >> Not acceptable, still have the refresh issue, but much better than i experienced with the one i described above.

                        Then i installed FMS 14 on my desktop (Win7 Pro, 64 bit, i7-3770, 3.4GHz, 16GB). same connection 25 down, 5 up.

                        >> Acceptable. no refresh issue.


                        Thanks all !

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                          You wrote

                          Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

                          But at least the problem is solved.

                          Best regards


                          Ps.Maybe you should mark Mike Beargie's answer as the correct answer:-)

                          Re: Server 14 WebDirect Refresh?

                          Mike BeargieSpecialist

                          does your server meet the minimum specs required to run webdirect?

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                            Hi Carsten

                            Thanks for remind me that.

                            Yes, I thought for that too to mark Mike as correct answer. at least that is the right direction.


                            But, After thought of what happened , i think i really like to clear it out a bit.

                            the minimum requirement for install FileMaker server 14 and WebDirect is not that high ! and if i sucessfully installed it on the machine, it means i got the minimum requirement i think.


                            And i tested in the local network for WebDirect , it's working. with the machine i mentioned above (4GB laptop one).


                            Once i tried to connected from a low bandwidth (3 down, 1 up) outside somewhere, it 's not "working" any more. (refreshing)


                            And after i upgrade the hardware (16GB machine on the same network), connect from a low speed working again.


                            So, it's a combination of hardware and internet speed to make it "work" from my test.