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    Incompatible SSL cerficate




      I have about 10 computers (both Macs and Windows) in a office that are accessing a remote FileMaker database served offsite.  Every computer can connect just fine except one laptop running Window 8.. ..when trying to connect in "Open Remote Flie" it says "Incompatible SSL certificate" (See attached).

      Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

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          It look like that windows 8 PC uses FM13v9 where your server is FMS13v5 or less and "secure connections" is switched on. You have a several options:

          • Update your server to FMS13v9, the Mac's/PC's with 13v5 will connect fine
          • Switch off "secure connections" on the server
          • downgrade the FMP installation on the W8 PC to 13v5 or less

          regards, Menno