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Passing credentials to local file using FMPURL

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Aug 14, 2015
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Good day, all. I'm attempting to set up a system for DBAs to perform the following chain of tasks:


1) Export an FMP file from a container field to the local hard drive.

2) Run a script in that file to create a specified user account.

3) Attach that file to an email for installation on an iPad.


Basically, an instantiation of an app for a specified user. But here's where I'm running into a bit of a snag. The FMP protocol for opening a local file (Documents folder) calls for this format:




This works fine to open the file. However, it prompts for credentials. I'd like to suppress that and be able to pass a specified set of credentials to it so the user doesn't have to enter the credentials. I can work around it by turning on the auto-login under File Options, but that means I have to disable that account after the process is finished. Yuck.


I've tried "fmp://account:password@~/", but that still throws up the login prompt. So the short version is this: Is there a way to pass in the account credentials for a local file?