Gym Class Assignment and Payment

Discussion created by bgusmao on Aug 14, 2015
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Hi, I did the Guy Stevens tutorial about Attendance, and it is excelent!
I have a problem of unifying things. =-) As I am not a programmer.


So, what I need to do.


1. Register my New Student with his information (its ok)

2. Assign this Student to an existing class. Like "Math-7am"

3. Monthly and automatically have a Debt for this student, so I can see who needs to pay. And when he pays, I just make it a green ok flag for him. And he becomes part of this month paid students.

I am doing the opposite. I receive the payment then i add this student and payment manually.


Can someone help with a link for any tutorial or example? Oh, I am using Filemaker 14.


Thanks in advance.