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Question Regarding Viewing a PDF/doc/xls in a Container Field

Question asked by sumaschu on Aug 14, 2015
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Have a self-contained FMPa 13 database that am using in both Windows and IOS as two separate installations.  The Windows environment is my development environment, and the IOS is the users environment.  Have created some container fields where I drag and drop all sorts of file types (ie. PDF's, MS Word, HTML, MS Excel, etc) into the container.  They are all stored within the database.  I understand that one cannot view the files within portal rows, however how about when in a layout without portal rows?  When I click or double-click on the file icon within the container, nothing happens.  When I right-click on the icon within the container field, I get several options, none of which are open the document or view the file (get Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, Insert Picture, Insert Audio/Video, Insert File, and Export Field Contents).  I understand could Export Field Contents and then open the file, but that seems too user intensive considering my clients are nuns in a convent and are not particularly computer savvy.  Have set the container field to "Interactive Content" within the Inspector > Data > Data Formatting > Options for: without any luck.  What am I doing wrong?


Have been reading about lots of folks who seem to be having trouble with this, but they mostly seem to be referring to the use of servers in their scenarios or storing the files externally.  In this case, it is simply a FMPa 13 file on a PC/Apple, so it doesn't seem to apply.  Ideally, would like the user to be able to simply click on the file in the container and have it open in its native application.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be most appreciated!


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