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Trying to Figure Out Summary Fields

Question asked by hbrlv on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2015 by electon

Ok I know this is probably a pretty simple problem but here's my example.  The data is for home sales and building permits.


I need to output a report with data pertaining to the Neighborhoods table.


Each Neighborhood has data in child tables called Permits and Closings


In Permits and Closings each record has a date field, example 8/14/2015.


I need to create summary fields that total the number of Permits (or Closings) for:


Each month (I have a field already defined that outputs the date as August 2015 for example)

Last 12 months

Year to Date

Average per Month Past 6 months.


As you can tell my experience is pretty limited so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  I can provide better examples if needed or a spreadsheet with the fields on it.