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Question regarding language issue using calculations

Question asked by dac on Aug 16, 2015
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Hi all,


I hope it is the right section, I am a total rookie here... I use Filemaker Pro 12 and the question is relatively simple. I am creating a sort of budget tool, I have a simple, neat transaction field for identifying the date of any given transaction. Now, I also want to add next to it a calculation using the DayName function. The calculation does work, it extracts the right day of the week, but... it names the day in Italian. For example, this is how a record looks like at the moment:


16 Aug 2015 / Domenica


As you can see, the transaction date field is correctly formatted in English, but the calculation field is in Italian. I checked the my default system language in System Preferences, I am an Apple-user, and there is only one language English, all the time and date formats use English-formatting and even my keyboard is US-format.


While I can bypass the day issue, using a different formatting, I can ask Filemaker to also display the day within the transaction date field, and in doing so I get the right English version, the problem remains and it also extends to names of months. For example, I get Italian months in reports.


I have no idea how to fix this, and it is very annoying. Any help/ideas would be highly appreciated.


Many thanks!