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FileMaker Go Flashing When Changing Layouts

Question asked by fmdataweb on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by jml

I'm using FileMaker Go 14.0.2 and have used the step to Hide (but not lock) the menu bar at the top of the screen on login (same as using the 3 finger swipe gesture). This gives me an extra 44 pts in layout size to use which is great.


I've noticed that when using my navigation script that is attached to a button bar that at times it looks like the menu bar is visible for a brief moment and then disappears and everything shifts back up again. It seems to be happening when I go from a list view to a form view and vice versa.


I've also noticed it when going from a layout based on one table to another layout based on a different table (both form view).


If you use the Invoices starter solution on the iPad you can see this in action. If you create an customer and from the list view showing the customers - i.e. by clicking the Cusomers button at the bottom nav section - click on a customer in the list to view the customer details. Then go back to the list view of customers and you should see some screen flashing/redrawing that looks like the layout is being shifted each time it changes.


Has anyone encountered this before and know of a way to stop this happening?