Performance improvement in FMS multi server installations?

Discussion created by user16545 on Aug 17, 2015
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Hi all,


we run a 100% FM14 Webdirect application on a single Windows2012 R2 server with 4Core 2.2 Ghz CPU's and 16GB RAM.
The entire database is only a few 100 MB's.


The number of concurrent Webdirect clients is almost always less than 5.
Therefore we choose for a single server installation and assigned a bit less than 50% RAM to the database server.
Thats all according to Filemaker's recommendations.


Still, we would be happy if the performance of Webdirect client sessions could be improved.
Especially when layouts must show or update 25 or more records in portals, clients experience a quite sluggy performance.

Even with only one or two concurrent webdirect sessions ans only stored values in those records.


Therefore we now consider to change this setup into a two server installation, one for WebDirect and one for the database


Do you know whether we - in this specific situation - can expect a significantly better performance and better user experience.
Or is it money being thrown away to add another server if the # concurrent sessions is below 5.