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Import FM-table replacement on server.

Question asked by Magnus Fransson on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Magnus Fransson

Hi all,


I have added a new field to an old table and need to populate it with data. Since there are many (55k+) records to update I like to minimize the network traffic by doing it on the server. I have made a script to do the necessary preparations (it’s more complicated then what needs to be said here) and verified that it runs perfectly and does it’s job perfect both on the client and on the server. Except for that very last step, the actual import. That only works on the client for well-known reasons.


I have thought out a few possible ways I can replace that.

  • Export and re import an external text- or XML-file.
  • Loop through the source table and push data over a relationship using set field.
  • Loop through the destination table and pull data over a relationship using set field.
  • Pull data over a relationship, using replace field content on the destination layout.


Which method do you recommend? And why?

Is there any better (faster, easier) method that I have missed?


  Best regards Magnus Fransson.