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    Filemaker 14 and El Capitan 10.11


      I'm aware its still in development but i've found what could possibly be a bit of a problem.


      Using FM 14 advance, my sentmail scripts no longer work. Apple Mail (and outlook) no longer bring a window up to send an email.


      We use this a lot. Has any one else experienced this ?



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          It was reported for some of the other versions of OSX that were either pre-release, or FMI hadn't released an update to support yet. So this is not the first time I'm hearing about it.


          BaseElements is a free plugin that does SMTP mail sends. All the email plugins I've used in my solutions have seemingly been immune to the email issues that the native send mail function has. It would be easy for you to develop an alternate method for email sending and toggle between the two at will.

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            Sending emails works on 10.11 for me. But whenever I quit FMA 14 on 10.11, FMA crashes. That's the only issue I've found.

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              I've not been able to evaluate el capitan much more due to this issue.


              It would not send emails via any email client - and FMP was showing it as a non supported script step.

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                same here :-/

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                  I just can believe we have to wait for that update. It's not like they haven't had access to the betas...

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                    Agreed. It's completely ridiculous and flippant!

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                      These comments aren't productive. They've obviously tested it enough to know it's compatible, and have outlined target dates for when it's repaired. No need to toss in the casual insult.

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                        I took a look on the list of know bugs between El Capitan and FileMaker and I just freaked! Apple WWDC is in early July. FileMaker DevCon end of July so everyone is busy with both...understandable. August is a holiday month and still some hangover from Vegas....understandable but OS X Beta was out so some work should have been done. But what about September? A full month! Plus there was already an update on FMP not so long ago.


                        Anyway....I have sent out the usual "hold till I tell you so" email to clients before their FileMaker bursts into flames on El Capitan. But looking on the positive side, waiting for a few weeks or a month would also be in time for OS X 10.11.1 to be released which usually fixes quite a lot of bugs.

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                          michno and kankzi,


                          the way it works is as follows, for all of software editors and regarding any platform, whether it is OS X, Windows, Linux, etc.:


                          a software maker can't rely on Betas to make sure it's software is compatible with a new release of an Operating System. Why, do you ask ? Because there are always a few things getting changed between the last Beta and the official release. So even if the editor is near the OS maker, that the way it is.


                          Now what do you wish: FM Inc. to rush out a new version, only to blame them there are bugs, or wait for them to make sure everything is fine ?


                          So like it or not, this is how it works. If one updates the OS on his machine as soon as it's released, it's at its own risks.


                          Gilles Plante

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                            You are perfectly right of course BUT:


                            1) We are talking about FileMaker a subsidiary of Apple, not some dudes in a garage making an app. And yes, it matters. Otherwise why advertise it if it doesn't matter?


                            2) The bugs this time around are quite phenomenal and were well known from the initial betas plus FM released an update in between so the last-beta-final-version argument doesn't really hold.


                            3) Why do I get a flock of updates these days "OS X 10.11 ready"?


                            4) Didn't Apple pre-release Golden Master 3 weeks before the final launch just to give developers 3 more week of testing on what is essentially the final thing?

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                              Points to consider. 

                              I am also disappointed but not surprised or feel letdown.


                              1. They have the iOS 9 compatibility update out toot sweet.  That is great!  I would rather that be ready first because people are more likely to update those without considering repercussions.


                              2. The GM of El Capitan was a different build than the release.


                              3.  Although you figure they could get the update ready early and have it out now.  October release is going to be well within the typical adoption rate of a major OSX update.  The are going to be ready before the large majority of users upgrading.


                              4. My only concern is users with new hardware.  Even if people buy a new computer its still probably got Yosemite on it to begin with.  Sounds like the update will be out before this is a major problem.

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                                I understand that Golden Masters are release candidates versions (if this is wrong, please tell me). Is there a possibility that things may change between GM and the released version ? EDIT: looks like Jared has answered that question.


                                So some bugs were known for a long time, my guess is that FM Inc. may have incorporated fixes in internal versions but wait to check that again ?


                                I know the relation between users and OS X is different than with Windows (my main world), but does that mean people should rush to the new version and expect all will be well first time ?


                                Personally on my portable I use Windows 7 for production job, but have cloned the partition and upgraded to Windows 10 to see by myself how my tools work under the new OS.


                                Gilles Plante

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                                  The main issue for me was whether running FM14 under El Capo 10.11 would cause crashes in practice thus lead to potential file corruption.


                                  Since the issue of crashes was apparently solely to do with closing multiple windows I added a few lines to my closing script to automatically reduce the number of windows to 1 as the solution closes - which appears so far in testing to have had the desired effect.


                                  So I am now able to work happily with 14v2 under 10.11 - but clearly there is a risk and you must make your own assessment bearing in mind FMI's warning.


                                  For me it is worthwhile because 10.11 is clearly smoother, faster and runs cooler than 10.10.


                                  Cheers, Nick


                                  ensure only 1 window open.png