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Value list based script not working

Question asked by Kesavan on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by Kesavan

I am trying to extract evaluation grades for faculty from feedback from trainees. This is a FileMaker file with about 180 records for about 15 faculty. The following script worked very well in FileMaker Pro 11. However, in 13 it does not. Specifically, when searching for  individual records of a given faculty member based on a variable, it does not insert the variable into the search field. SetField option is not available in the script menus and insert calculated result using the variable as insert does not work, either. Also, it is really difficlut to export records into a specified folder, be it on the desktop or in the folder where the main file rests.

Since the file was created in FMP13, there is no way to enable FMP11. I am not clear why this is not working in 13.