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Question asked by mrosenhek on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by electon

I used to filter portals in older versions of FM by creating a relationship.

For example a relationship to display all records in a portal within a date range as specified by 2 global field in the parent record; a start date and an end date that relate to a date field in the child records.


With more recent versions of FM, I have been using the Portal Filter option which works great for many things, but I can't seem to construct the correct calculation for use with a date range. Perhaps it is not possible.


This is my calculation in the Portal Filter dialog which is not working. It may be that I am not seeing the forest for the trees anymore.


admin_TIME::Date ≥ ADMIN::f Payroll Start




admin_TIME::Date  ≤ ADMIN::f Payroll End


So for example if I had a range of dates of portal records starting with Jan 1 and ending with Jan 30 BUT I wanted to see only Jan 1 to Jan 5;

my global called f Payroll Start would be Jan 1

my global called f Payroll End would be Jan 5


Only those records should display but they are ALL still showing in the portal.


Any advise? Thank you.