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    Programming Burnout


      What are some techniques you folks use to prevent burnout ?

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          Go to Vegas for Devcon and partying on the strip in the evenings <grin>. 


          Actually, I'm not much of a drinker or gambler.  So I like to do other things like snowboarding in winter, air wheeling, playing ping pong, or going to the movies, eating out nice food. 


          I think once a year IT people should take an entire week off from computer, cell phones, etc.  Maybe go camping with no electronics for a whole week!

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            Yes sir.....only took 3 days to visit Colorado and hit the trails, but still not 100%. Next time going to take a full week for sure.  So much work and the pressure is draining me....

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              Every Tuesday night I go dancing and I always go.  Answers to problems mostly appear after relaxing.


              In weekends I dance as well.  Rest of the week I play a lot of guitar, just go out to the park whenever I can. Mainly try to avoid using a computer at home.


              On the commute to work I meditate :-) or listen to really nice groovy music.

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                Markus Schneider

                a couple of times a week, I go out for lunch/coffee - about 20-30+ kilometers - with my bicycle. Breathing fresh air, activating non-brain-functions... helps a lot!

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                  In the evening I do cooking - handling real-world stuff like vegetables, spices and all the things you need for good cooking is a real brain-refresher.  Mountain hiking provides physical activity and lots of fresh air - and new ideas.

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                    Sailing the Chesapeake Bay every Wed night in a race series does it for me. Last night brought us gusty 25 MPH winds and lots of rain. Have not had that much fun in a long time

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                      Cooking works for me too...

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                        Most of my burnout comes from the non-social environment of working from home. So I do a number of activities to keep me occupied and out of the house.


                        -Piano Lessons once a week

                        -tending to my reef aquarium

                        -Cocoa developers usergroup every two weeks

                        -monthly movie nights with friends

                        -date night once a week with the wife

                        -woodworking at my local makerspace

                        -brewing (and drinking) beer

                        -hanging out with sports clubs on the weekend

                        and more recently, ski trips with taylorsharpe


                        As for actual programming burnout, I'm fortunate to get such a wide variety of projects from work I don't suffer from "same old syndrome" there. If you do in your workplace though, I would consider freelancing to get a wider variety of projects.

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                          Get involved in politics. After watching that sausage being made it won't be long before you will be looking forward to the calm and sanity of programming.

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                            Being an in-house developer, I sometimes suffer from what Mike described as the "same old syndrome". I take on the occasional freelance project to mix things up which not only benefits me by having a new objective, but some of the freelance work gives me refreshed ideas on how to add or revamp things with our in-house solutions.


                            To avoid burnout of everything all together, I make it a point to get out on my mountain or road bike 2-3 times a week, I enjoy fishing and scuba diving at least once a month and set aside one day a week as a family day to enjoy time with my wife and kids without electronics.

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                              Woodworking helps me, especially using hand tools rather than power tools.  I find some comfort in knowing that the techniques I use to craft a piece of furniture are 100+ years old and still relevant.  Completely different from coding where the tools and techniques are in a constant state of change. 

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                                This doesn't actually avoid burnout, but I've got a little utility on my Mac called BreakTime, and I've got it set to go off every hour, sound a tone, and dim my screen for 2 minutes to remind me to get up and walk around. Otherwise, I'd just sit there databasing away for hours on end without coming up for air. (Yes, I'm addicted.)

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                                  Sounds a lot like pomodoro as well, which I've used on and off.

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                                    Markus Schneider

                                    had that running while low back pain issues, great!

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