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Conditional Value list dependent ontwo fields

Question asked by evaqa on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by rrrichie

Hi everyone,

I just started using Filemaker 14 and I have an issue I just can't figure out.

I have 3 product levels that are based on each other using conditional value lists. The final amount of products is about 200 so they are divided into 3 categories and about 15 subcategories.

There is also a field for the failure key. This is also a conditional value list based on the product.

I now want to make it possible to have the failure key depend on the subcategory in some cases and on the product in other cases, so basically the failure key has to depend on two different fields that are both conditional value lists themselves.

I have tried figuring it out but I can't figure out what the relationships should be like and what should the table for the failure key look like.

I hope someone can help me.