FMP12 and the tale of the NOT unique persistent ID

Discussion created by jrenfrew on Aug 21, 2015
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I have a client with more than 8 identical MSI touchscreen machines in a clean-room environment

As part or an audit to ready for a move to an FMP14 system which we want to use PersistantID to be able to tell which machine was used to perform a specific task

Windows 7 and FMP12.04


When you run Get ( PersistantID ) on ALL of them it returns the identical value. Meaning that the >>Returns text representing a unique identifier of the computer or device running FileMaker. is in fact not actually true, and therefore unreliable.

They all start



I ran

wmic path win32_computersystemproduct get uuid

under Command and each one returned"



A full explanation of what is going on would be helpful, and whether this is specific to either of these environments

It would be difficult to install FMP14 speculatively without first believing that this will in fact solve the issue


john renfrew