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    Script Workspace Issue Continues After Update


      I just installed FileMaker Pro 14.0v2 and am finally able to move a script step without it turning up in some other random place in the script. However, EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM is still occurring when I try re-order scripts in the left pane. (Note that I said SCRIPTS -- not, script STEPS -- still have this problem).


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          Re-ordering script STEPS is no longer working for me either. The bug fix lasted exactly one session. Now, it's behavior is the same as before the update. If I drag a script step anywhere in the script, a different step moves there -- or somewhere else. Where the steps end up seems entirely arbitrary and unpredictable. Tech Support isn't responding to my bug reports about this.

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            I tried to enter a new topic, but that failed, So here's my 5 cents to this thread:


            I found the scripts dropping to the last position in the SW really annoying, but now after updating FMPAdvanced from 14.0v1 to 14.0v2 I encountered an even worse problem:


            A folder with scripts got unintentional deleted while I only clicked on the arrow to open and close it again, so no hands on the keyboard, just using the mouse!


            Fortunately I only develop in a client-server environment and have incremental backups activated, so I only lost 15 minutes of work by retrieving that backup. But that folder contained 34 scripts and it could have been a disaster if I had not noticed the folder dissappearing.


            I temporarily have been willing to accept the scripts moving around, But now scripts start to dissapear without a trace ... I have no choice but to uninstall FMPAdvanced.


            I encountered this on Windows 8.1 with FMPAdvanced 64bit




            regards, Menno

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              I finally received a reply to my complaint. It simply asserts that reordering is possible and tries to sell me paid tech support. What nerve! After such a buggy release and an update that clearly doesn't work. And they wonder why developers are angry with them.

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                FMI has now acknowledged that it is adding my report to its list of bugs. But won't go so far as to confirm it, tell me that it will be fixed or say when such a fix would be made. Since this product got out the door twice with the same erratic and easily observable errors -- worse than anything I've seen in any Windows app (except perhaps Bitdefender) -- I am not optimistic. I close my eyes and try to imagine the FM bug list and conjure up images of the last shot in Raiders of the Lost Arc.

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                  Well, the new update (version 14.0v3 ) STILL hasn't fixed this issue. Select a script and move it to a different place in the list -- and a different script moves there (or somewhere else!)


                  Unbelievable that a bug this blatant ever made it out of beta. Now it's it three release versions (notwithstanding the fact that the last update was supposed to fix it and the release notes claim that it did). Maybe this isn't an issue in the Mac version and the company is content to neglect Windows users (even though they are larger group).


                  Why bother submitting bug reports or testing builds for FMI, if they are not going to ever fix the problem?