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Change in behavior for duplicate record command?

Question asked by user19174 on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by StephenWonfor

I have noticed a difference in how Filemaker handles the duplicate record command (ctrl+D) in FM14.


In Filemaker 13 as far as I can tell the Duplicate command always would duplicate the parent record that the layout being viewed is based on.


IN FM14 I have noticed that if a portal row is selected and the relationship allows for creation of records then ctrl+D results in a duplicate portal row.  Has anyone else noticed this change?  I tried a search but didn't find anything relevant.  Fortunately one of my users noticed that a script was acting funny and pointed it out to me before a big mess was made of our data.


Is this a known feature that I had missed or is this a bug?  It is easy enough to work around, but a change like this could make a real mess in a big looping script.