FileMaker Go 14 Error Message: "this record was modified by another user while you were disconnected"

Discussion created by dougalder on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by keycrew

One of my users running on FileMaker Go 14, has been getting this error message:


     "Your record changes cannot be saved because this record was modified by another user while you were disconnected."



So the strange thing about this message is that he is running on a single user solution. There are NO OTHER USERS!  I am employing MirrorSync to connect to a matching online version of the database.


He gets this message pretty regularly when he does some data entry in a form, leaves FM Go open, comes back a few hours or up to a day later, then tries to run a particular script that locks the form. It is basically a big 'Commit' button that sets a field 'locked' to 'yes'. This prevents deletion and modification on the record.


For now, my solution is to have him quit the database after each session, but I am wondering if this is a FileMaker bug and if anyone has any suggestions about how to resolve the issue.