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How do I hide an object based on whether a portal contains a value?

Question asked by realgrouchy on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by BruceRobertson

I'm working on a "simple" (heh) software license management database to keep track of what's installed on what computer.


I have a "Computer" table, describing computer details, OS, etc., and I have a "Software" table, describing what software is installed on that computer. The layout I'm working with is the "Computer" layout which has a portal listing which software is installed on that computer, pulling from the related records in the "Software" table.


In my Computer table, I have a "Virtual Windows Guest" field to be used with computers that have a virtual machine installed in VMware, and it specifies which Computer is the guest computer.


I'd like this field to hide when VMware isn't installed on that computer. In other words, if the text "VMware" appears anywhere in the "Title" fields in the related records in the "Software" table, don't hide the "Virtual Windows Guest" field.


I can't figure out what combination of formulae I need in the "hide" calculation to get this field to hide. (Nor could I find the right combination of search terms to find relevant advice online).


Any ideas?


- RG>