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    Why? : The file xx could not be opened. (Not Open)


      FM Server 14, Go14, ProA 14


      I'm pretty new to FM. I have a Go app that's been out in the wild with our employees for several months now. We see this error fairly often upon opening. I can't discern any rhyme or reason as to why it comes up. Sometimes I can have been out of the file for minutes, sometimes it won't show up for an hour or two.


      I am using Save to Keychain for my file credentials but this also happened before I started using Keychain. This was happening on 13 before I upgraded to 14 as well.


      I realize this could be happening for a myriad of reasons, but I'm hoping someone might can point me in the right direction to start troubleshooting.


      And as I mentioned, I'm new to FM so there's no telling what screwy thing I have in my file or what basic housekeeping design I have not included in my solution.


      Thanks much!

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          You are not clear in your statement with your issue nor do you give enough details.  Are you trying to open a file on FMS with FMPA or with FMGO or are you using FMGo to open a file on FMPA or FMS.   Is FMS on a PC or MAC.  IS FMPA on a PC or 0MAC.   What OS are on all devices.  Give steps of what you are doing, when you receive the error message.